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The Idea of a Whale (2008)

Instrumentation: Soprano and Piano
Duration: ca. 7'
Text by Douglas Buchanan
Commissioned by the University of Baltimore
Premiere Date: May 22, 2008, Baltimore, MD

Program Note

Environmental concerns have pervaded my daily thoughts for decades, even since I was a child. Raised as a vegetarian, compassion for and conservation of earthly species and resources was and remains a constant for me. These concerns have frequently entered into my music. In 2007, the University of Baltimore approached me to create an interconnected piece of art for a course in creativity which they were offering at the time. The commission was for a poem, a painting, and a piece of music. Earlier that year, during the summer months, I had a vivid image in a dream: a blue whale, floating in the midst of a yellow-and-gray space. This provided the germ of the work which would be The Idea of Whale. In it, I imagined a creature, disembodied perhaps, itself dreaming, or perhaps a dream. In the course of the work, we experience the central figure’s joy of life and the devastation of impending extinction.

The Idea of a Whale was premiered by Lindsay Thompson, soprano, and Douglas Buchanan, piano, May 20, 2008, at the University of Baltimore, and May 22, 2008, at the Peabody Conservatory.

— Douglas Buchanan


Lindsay Thompson, Soprano, performs Douglas Buchanan's "The Idea of a Whale," commissioned by the University of Baltimore, with the composer at the piano.


Score Preview

Your browser isn't supporting embedded pdf files. You can view the Score here.

Your browser isn't supporting embedded pdf files. You can view the Score here.