Malleus, for orchestra (2010), ca. 11’

The Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Teri Murai conducting

“Now a student of Michael Hersch, Buchanan shares his teacher’s sense of creative imperative: Malleus clearly needed to be written with all manner of orchestral upheaval.”
David Patrick Stearns, the Philadelphia Inquirer

A Brighter Edge, for wind ensemble (2008): ca. 8’

– Peabody Wind Ensemble, Harlan Parker conducting

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Prospero Variations, monodrama for Soprano and Pierrot Ensemble (2015), ca. 30’


Ariel’s Tempest, opera for young audiences, with seven singers and piano (2011), ca. 50’

The Peabody Opera Outreach (excerpts)

“Doug was the perfect choice for a composer to collaborate with me on a short operatic version of The Tempest for young audiences. His music, which ranges from whimsy to grandeur, perfectly matched the Shakespeare play; his tunefulness and rhythmic energy enthralled both children and their parents. And I chose his haunting setting of Caliban’s ‘Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises’ to be sung at the ceremony marking my own retirement.” —Roger Brunyate, Director Emeritus, the Peabody Opera


Goblin Market, opera for three singers, accordion, violin, and ‘cello (2011), ca. 20’


Lux et Tenebrae, opera for seven singers, violin, ‘cello, and piano (2010), ca. 30’

A recording of Buchanan’s interview with Tom Hall on Maryland Morning is available here.


Lux et Tenebrae spiraled off in a completely different direction, forging together a mythological story…[of] spectacle and depth.” —Rob Deemer, Sequenza 21

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Ride on, King Jesus, Spiritual arranged for SATB, divisi (2016), ca. 3’


Blessed be that Maid Mairie, Carol for SSA or SATB with organ or piano (2015), commissioned by the Canticle Singers of Baltimore, ca. 5’


Shepherd of Souls, Anthem for SATB (divisi) with Soprano solo (2015), ca. 4’


Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow, Spiritual arranged for SATB (divisi) (2013), ca. 4’


I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, for SATB chorus and optional organ (2014), ca. 4’

The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came, for SATB chorus and organ (2013), ca. 3’(2014), ca. 4’

Ubi Caritas, for SATB chorus (2013), ca. 5’

Psalm 148, for SATB chorus and organ (2013), ca. 4’

Two Songs of Faith, for treble choir (2012), ca. 6’

The Peabody Children’s Chorus, Doreen Falby, conducting


Come, Holy Spirit, Come, for SATB chorus with optional chimes/handbells (2012), ca. 3’

The St. Paul's Camerata; Douglas Buchanan, organ

Ave Maria, for SATB chorus and piano or organ (2011), ca. 3’

Adam Lay Bounden, for SATB chorus and piano or organ (2010), ca. 3’

De Profundis, for SSAATTBB chorus (2009), ca. 8’

The Peabody Singers; Lee Mills, conducting

Triptych, for a Time of Doubt, for SATB chorus and soprano soloist (2009): ca. 9’

III. O Light and Universal Song
– The Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Tom Hall conducting

…of Sound and Light…, for SATB chorus, soprano soloist and organ;
text by the composer (2007): ca. 6’

– Peabody Singers, Ken Lam conducting;
Nicholas Werner, organ; Lindsay Thompson, soprano soloist

Triptych, Written During Wartime, for SATB chorus (2005): ca. 8’

I. Grotesque
– The Wooster Chorus, John Russell conducting;
Daniel Lentz, bass soloist

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Cancioncilla Sevillana, for Soprano, Harp, and Flute, commissioned by Jasmine Hogan (2015), ca. 3’


Scots and Waters, for Soprano and Piano, commissioned by Danielle Buonaiuto (2014), ca. 13’


Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God, for two Sopranos and one Mezzo-Soprano, commissioned by EYA: Ensemble for Medieval Music (2013), ca. 5’


Orkney Fragments, for mezzo-soprano solo (2013), ca. 6’

Eingang, for soprano flute, clarinet, violin, ‘cello, piano (2012), ca. 10’

The Lunar Ensemble, Gemma New, conducting
Mvmt I: Eine Buhne

Mvmt II: Kalte feste starrende Bruste

Mvmt III: Im Spiegel

“Douglas Buchanan’s ‘Eingang’ is a setting of three sensual, highly atmospheric poems with music to match. The slippery sounds and wild vocal leaps in the opening ‘Eine Buhne’ exerted a strong pull, as did the fugal interlude between the last two songs and, in particular, the lyrical, chordal closing moments that suggested a gentle landing in a tonal zone.”
Tim Smith, the Baltimore Sun

Miserere Mei, for soprano and organ (2012), ca. 3’

Two Songs of Heaven and Earth, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and baritone (2012), ca. 5’

Entrance-Music-Silence-Angels, for violin and soprano (2012), ca. 12’

Midwestern Trilogy, for mezzo-soprano and piano (2011), ca. 10’

Even if you are swimming alone, for soprano, tenor, and piano (2010), ca. 3’

Lux Aeterna, for mezzo-soprano and piano (2009), ca. 3’

Ave Maria, for mezzo-soprano and piano (2009), ca. 3’

Douglas Buchanan, piano; Kelly Buchanan, mezzo-soprano

Worldes Blisse, for mezzo-soprano and piano (alternate versions: mezzo-soprano and guitar; mezzo-soprano and flute, guitar, vibraphone, and viola) (2009), ca. 10’

Cantate Domino, for alto and piano (2009): ca. 5’

The Idea of a Whale, for high voice and piano, text by the composer (2008): ca. 7’

Douglas Buchanan, piano; Lindsay Thompson, Voice

The accompanying poetry and painting can be found here

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Mandala of the Dark Waves, for Flute, Viola, and Harp, commissioned by Raoul Cho (2016), ca. 5’

Requiem for a little world, for oboe trio (2013), ca. 11’

Ri Marannan, for violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass, and clarinet (2013), ca. 11’

St. Patrick’s Breastplate, for flute, tinwhistle, violins, viola, ‘cello, guitar, mandolin, as congregational accompaniment (2013), ca. 5’

Memento Mei: to the memory of Nicholas Maw, for flute duo and piano (2012), ca. 15’

The Dahlia Flute Duo and Douglas Buchanan, piano
Memento Mei - I - Prelude

Memento Mei - II - con fuoco

Memento Mei - III - Soliloquy I

Memento Mei - IV - Canon

Memento Mei - V & VI - Soliloquy II and Postlude

Be Thou My Vision, for brass quintet and organ (2012), ca. 4’

Chorale and Variations, for brass quintet (2011), ca. 5’

Exsultate Deo, for brass quintet (2009): ca. 5’

Frank Owens and James Baseman, Trumpets
Margaret Tomlinson, French Horn
Miles McCready, Trombone
Frank Gulino, Bass Trombone

Nocturne Fragments, for flute, clarinet and piano (2009): ca. 10’

Contrapunctus, for cello and piano (2009): ca. 20’

Lavena Johanson, 'Cello, and Benjamin Buchanan, piano


Hymn and Fuguing Tune on “The Ash Grove” and “Ein Feste Burg,” for flute duo and piano (2008): ca. 6’’

Peter Mowrey, piano; Clinton Steinbrunner and Aislinn Manning, flutes



Fughetta super Alle Menschen mussen sterben, for Organ Solo (2016), ca. 4’


Welkinharmonie, for Organ Solo (2015), ca. 70’


Between the Stones are Peace and Space, for Piano Solo (2014), ca. 10’


Colonnades, for piano solo (2009): ca. 105’
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The Troubles, for harp solo (2007): ca. 12’

I. – Moderato - Jasmine Hogan, harp



Music specially suited for Liturgical Purposes

In the Bleak Midwinter, James Baseman and John Lamkin, Trumpets, Douglas Buchanan, organ

O Light and Universal Song, versions for SATB or SAB choir (2009): ca 3’

Puer Natus Est, for SATB chorus; text translated by the composer (2006): ca. 3’

Nocturne Fragments, on “O Sacred Head now Wounded,” for flute, clarinet and piano (2009): ca. 10’

Exsultate Deo, for Brass Quintet (2009): ca 5’

Fantasia, for organ (2003): ca. 4’

Now the Green Blade Riseth, arranged for SAB choir, piano, and handbells (2009): ca 3’

Descend, O Spirit, Purging Flame, canonic arrangement for two-part choir and piano (2009): ca 3’

Lonesome Valley, arranged for SAB choir and piano (2009): ca 3’

Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, chorale prelude for organ in double canon by inversion (2005): ca. 4’

Ich dank die schon, durch deinen Sohn, chorale prelude for organ (2006): ca. 3’


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